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Kundalini Yoga Outside


Breathwork refers to a variety of breathing techniques and exercises that can be used to improve one’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health.

Your breath brings oxygen into your body so that you can thrive. When you are physically or emotionally stressed, it affects how you breathe. Breathwork helps to calm your stress and bring balance to your body. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in.‌Breathwork may also have a positive impact on your central nervous system. When you feel stressed, your breath tends to become fast and shallow. This limits the oxygen entering your bloodstream. Your brain tells your body that there is a threat, and your body responds in fight or flight. When you take time to slow down and purposefully breathe deeply and slowly, you tell your brain that everything is OK. Your brain communicates to your body that it’s safe to relax. The fight or flight response decreases, and your body can begin to function normally again.

You will be guided through different breathing techniques to find the best one for your mind, body and spirit to find the peace within.


  • Redcues stress and anxiety

  • Increases mood and boosts immunity

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation

  • Helps manage pain

  • Strengthens lungs

  • Improves mood and self esteem

  • Releases toxins

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps manage depression

  • Increases muscle tone

  • Helps heal from trauma and manage PTSD

  • Improves digestion

  • Helps to overcome addiction

  • Improves focus

  • Increases creativity

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