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A Sleep Company supporting neurodivergent individuals and their families achieve better sleep
Bringing peace and calm into your home

At Sensationally Wired, our mission is to help neurodivergent individuals and their families achieve better sleep and a calmer mood through compassionate and personalized sleep consulting services. We understand how challenging it can be for individuals with different neurological needs to maintain a healthy sleep routine, which is why we strive to provide effective solutions that respect each person's unique needs and preferences. We believe that good sleep is the foundation of physical and mental wellbeing, and our goal is to support our clients to make positive changes that enhance their quality of life. Let us help you achieve a more restful and rejuvenating night's sleep today.


Our services support ages 3 - Adult.

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Noelle provides exceptional care for all children, but she has a truly special gift of caring for newborns. Our first child was born several weeks premature, had feeding issues, and was extremely colicky. When I went back to work when my daughter was a few weeks old, I could not find a childcare provider that would accept her because she was such a difficult baby to care for. And then I found Noelle. She took all of my baby’s feeding challenges and constant crying in stride. She had endless patience with difficult feedings and found new ways to soothe my daughter during the long crying spells. Together, we watched my daughter thrive as we celebrated her milestones. Noelle didn’t just take care of my baby each day while I was at work; she was my partner in nurturing my daughter, working with me to give my daughter the same level of attention and care that I gave her at home. When our second child was born, we knew without hesitation that Noelle was the best person to care for our new baby. She really is the best.

- Katy G

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